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by HalfMile November 19, 2019
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IP 360 Web Pay Review a Traffic Ticket Online

Getting hit with a red light camera ticket is terrible enough all alone with no additional problem when attempting to get it dealt with. Luckily, the individuals who have been coordinated to the IP 360 Web Pay page won’t need to stress over affront over the damage. The basic procedure of disposing of a bothersome red light ticket can be started upon landing in the installment handling page by tapping the Pay/View Ticket catch and entering a Citation Number alongside a PIN before tapping the Login button.

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 or higher are the recommended browsers for use of the IP 360 Web Pay page. Maryland and Ohio residents can review state-specific FAQs by clicking the buttons posted under the Automated Speed Enforcement FAQs section. Drivers who are looking to appeal a ticket can review the back of the citation for instructions on how to do so.

Ip 360 Web pay

For this go to, www.ip360webpay.com

Here, scroll down a bit and at the middle left the side of the page, ‘Pay/View ticket’.

Home Page - Online Web Payment System

  • You will be directed to the login page.

  • Here, at the middle left side, type,

  • The citation

  • The PIN

  • Then click on, ‘Login’ in blue.

This way you will be logged in.

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Red Light Camera Enforcement

  • Systems are proven to reduce the frequency of red-light running and speed-related wrecks

  • Red light cameras are enforced 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (including holidays)

  • Violation data includes images, video, plate photos, and owner registration information

  • Fines can be paid by phone, on the web, or by mail (instructions posted on the notice)

  • The amount of the fine that is associated with a red light camera violation is $50.00

  • You may contest a violation by signing and mailing the coupon on the back of the notice. Your request must be received by the Due Date stated on the front of the notice.

  • If the vehicle/plate was stolen or the driver received a ticket from a police officer, an affidavit must be completed and mailed to the address on the back of the notice. The affidavit and supporting documentation must be received no later than the Due Date stated on the front of the notice.

  • Unpaid citations are subject to additional consequences, including vehicle registration non-renewal or suspension and collection action.

  • Fines can be paid by phone, by web or by mail. Please follow the instructions for payment listed on the back of the Notice of Liability.

  • The City’s law enforcement authorities review potential violation data. The violation data include violation images and video, a cropped photo of the vehicle’s license plate and vehicle owner registration information. The reviewing officer first will approve or reject the violation. If the officer affirms the violation, he or she will then verify that the license plate matches the vehicle and confirms other vehicle and owner information before authorizing the issuance of the citation.

Contact help

If you want to know more, you can check the Maryland and Ohio FAQs page, or the Red light FAQs.

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