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by HalfMile November 07, 2019

Participate in Ralph Lauren Customer Satisfaction Survey & Win 20 % Discount Coupons

Overview of the Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren is giving you a 20% discount on their merchandise at the next time you visit their store, you just need to participate in their online customer satisfaction survey and give them your valuable feedback.

In 1967, 28 years old boy name Ralph Lauren start a necktie line under the label polo and begins selling his designs out of a drawer in the Empire State Building. Nearly 50 years, from his early days selling ties out of a drawer in the Empire State Building to the network of global fashion brands he oversees today.

Ralph Lauren is now an American cultural icon in his own right, and the company he created is a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium apparel, accessories, home goods, and fragrances. His name is synonymous with timeless design, impeccable quality, and the utmost attention to detail. The company has its overseas presence, more than 630 locations.

Ralph Lauren wants to measure the customer’s satisfaction through your feedback and general queries about their overall experience with the Company, and at the same time, they are offering discounts coupons for their feedback.

Who is Eligible to Participate in The Survey?

  • You must have a recent purchase receipt from the store where all the required information are available
  • you must have a good internet connection
  • You must know English or Español because the survey is in either language.
  • A laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet
  • And, last but not least, you are willing to spend the next 10 minutes for the survey

If you meet all the criteria above, then only you are eligible to participate in the survey

How to Participate in the Ralph Lauren Customer Satisfaction Survey?

  • To, begin with you need to go their official survey page www.prlfactorysurvey.com
  • Now, select your preferred language and click “next”
  • Now, they will ask about the basic information regarding your purchase, all you can find in your receipt
  • After, verify the Captcha click “submit” to continue



  • Now, they will ask questions based on their store location, environment, staff behavior and the overall experience with the company.
  • You can also give them additional feedback on their comment box and submit, you are done.

Congrats, you have completed your survey and a mile away from getting a chance to win.

What are the Rewards?

  • You will get a chance to share your thoughts and opinion so, that next time you visit their store, they can live up to your expectations and for others also
  • You will get 20 % discount coupons on every $ 50 you spend, i.e. you will save $10 for every $50 you spend in a single transaction.
  • It can only be used once, but a person can complete the survey again with a different receipt to obtain another Ralph Lauren survey coupon.

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How Will You Get Notified?
  • After completion of every customer satisfaction survey, you will get the discount coupons.
  • Don’t forget to take them with you, the next time you visit their shop

If, you need any further assistance, guidance for the survey or any inquiries related to services or product you can contact the company through the following options

How to Contact?

  • you can reach them through customer support representative call at 888-475-7674 ( 24 * 7 )
  • you can live chat with them through the on-site chat option
  • You can email them CustomerAssistance@RalphLauren.com.
  • and they are on social media also,

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