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by HalfMile November 04, 2021
american express gift card

How to Log In and Activate the American Express Gift Card:

In the year 1950 American Express Company was founded as a worldwide financial multinational organization. It is also well known in the business market as “Amex”. It is a United States-based organization and has its headquarter settled in Vesey Lane, New York City, USA.

American Express Gift Cards, Business Gift Cards, Amex e-Gift Cards, & Business e-Gift Cards can be utilized virtually everywhere in the United States that accepts Amex Cards. You can find some extent limitations on participating outlets (those who don’t accept Amex Cards) are indicated on the backside of the Card. The Amex Gift Cards cannot be utilized at the ATMs counters or for Recurring Billing.

The American Express organization presently ranks at number 67 under the Fortune 500 companies and generates a market revenue collection of $43.6 Billion per annum (As per the data 2019).

Presently, the company management has taken a pledge to understand their clients, encourage, appreciate, & assist them to improve their journey of life. As the company believes that with their client’s prosperity, they will grow.

If you have any kind of queries about American Express Gift Cards or Business Gift Cards, you may call Amex Customer Care Services 1 -888 -846 -4308, (7 days every week). You may also mail to American Express Gift Cards, P.O. Box – 826, Fortson, GA – 31808. 

How to Sign In or Log In for the American Express Gift Card:

All types of Amex Gift Cards are issued and approved by the American Express Prepaid Card Management Corporation (PCMC). The PCMC is a government-licensed holder as a Money Transmitter and duly recognized by the New York State Department of Financial Services. You can utilize your American Express Gift Cards, e-Gift Cards, Business Gift Cards, & Business e-Gift Cards at the United States merchants, those who accept Amex Cards.

To Sign In or Log In for the American Express Gift Card, follow through these below guidelines:

  • Primarily, you are required to navigate to the American Express Gift Card web page.
  • Alternatively, you can also tap on the link www.amexgiftcard.com/balance. If you do not own a PC now, you can easily access the webpage on a tablet or smartphone at your own convenience.
  • Here, you are required to enter your Amex Gift Card information into the boxes provided such as “15-Digit Card Number” (without any spaces between the digits), “Card’s Expiration Date”, “4-Digit Card Identification Code” (CID). You can find the CID Code on the front side of the card.
  • If you like, you can also put down your “E-mail Address”, although it’s optional. By entering your E-mail Address, you give permission to American Express to contact you with the information about your Gift Card along with other offers.

american express gift card activation

  • At last, by tapping on the “Sign In” button you can access your account.

Please Note: In some circumstances, you may require to tap on the “I’m not a robot” box in the Captcha field (depending on your browser and Log In location), before tapping on the “Sign In” tab below.

How to Activate your American Express Gift Card:

It is pretty easy to Activate your American Express Gift Card, just go through the below guidelines:

  • Your American Express Gift Card is automatically activated at the moment you “Sign In” to your account, and your card will be ready to utilize.
  • If you have previously entered your “E-mail Address”, you will immediately receive an e-mail of confirmation that your American Express Gift Card has been activation.
  • Alternatively, you can also call the number provided on your Gift Card to activate it over the phone. You can easily find the toll-free phone numbers on the backside of your Gift Card, beginning with 1 -800 or 1 -888.
  • Presently, if you do not have any internet connectivity, you can call this number to activate your American Express Gift Card. You will have to navigate through the automated telephonic menu & listen for options about your Amex Gift Card Activation).
  • Here, you have to put down your Card’s “16-Digit Number”, “Expiration Date”, and “4-Digit Card Identification Code” (CID) when prompted.
  • If you face any difficulty navigating on the telephonic automated menu, then you can tap on the “0” button to speak with an Amex Customer Care representative.

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What do if your American Express (Amex) Gift Card is Lost or Stolen:

In any circumstances, if your American Express (Amex) Gift Card has been lost or stolen, you are immediately required to inform American Express (Amex) by calling their Customer Care Services at 1 -888 -846 -4308. Primarily, you will need to provide AMEX with the Card Number along with other identifying information. The company cannot provide you a replacement Gift Card unless you provide your Amex Gift Card Number & all other requested information. If it is verified that there is a balance remaining on the Gift Card, then Amex will automatically cancel the lost Card and will immediately issue a replacement Gift Card to you along with the amount equal to the remaining balance.

How to utilize your American Express Gift Card to shop In-Store and Online:

To Shop In-Store & Online:

  • Before you shop, please make sure to know your balance.
  • You can easily check your card account balance at balance.amexgiftcard.com or you can call 1 -888 -846 -4308.
  • To utilize your American Express Gift Card along with another form of payment, to each payment type you just need to tell the cashier how much you want to apply.
  • Now you have to swipe your Amex Gift Card & choose Credit on the keypad.
  • Your Amex e-Gift Card can also be utilized in-store to make a payment, by adding it to digital wallets such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, & Google Play.
  • Please remember that not all merchants do not allow split payment transactions & some transaction types are required to hold up to 20% or above the purchase amount. You are required to see your Cardholder Agreement for further information.
  • To Shop Online, choose “Debit” or “Credit” as the payment method (Remember not to select “Gift Card”).
  • Then, within the “Payment Method” section, put down your “Card Information” as you would a Debit or Credit Card. And please fill in your “Name” and “Address”, in the Billing Address section, to finish your transaction.

Contact Details:

American Express Gift Card,
Customer Care,
PO Box – 826
Fortson, GA 31808

Phone Numbers:

If you purchased your Amex Gift Card at Target (Call): 1 -833 -792 -5087

Queries about Purchasing your Amex Gift Cards Online (Call): 1 -833 -205 -8622

Report for Amex Gift Card Lost or Stolen (Call): 1 -888 -846 -4308

Reference Link:

Amex Gift Card Activation Portal: www.amexgiftcard.com/balance

Amex Gift Card Official Website: www.amexgiftcard.com

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