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by HalfMile September 06, 2020
BMO Card Activate

BMO Credit Cards are one of the most diversified ranges of credit cards catering to all the needs. From Cashback to student-specials, from low interest to travel and lifestyle and more, BMO is always ready to make the financial access of credit cardholders easier. All mention to the secured and uniformed single platform where all the credit cards issued can be activated. It is easier to activate online all by yourself. Here you will learn about activating your BMO Credit Card as well as managing property all by yourself.


About BMO

BMO also is known as the Bank of Montreal is a multinational financial and investment bank based in Canada. The headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario. Bank of Montreal is the fourth largest bank in Canada being one of the country’s Big Five Banks.  The financial services and products offered by BMO are bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards, insurance, financial planning, loans, lines of credits, and more.

BMO is currently catering to the needs of 12 million active clients by providing the requisite support, insights, and protection helping the customers to increase their financial goals. BMO is all about making an impact


BMO Credit Cards

True to its beliefs, BMO has introduced several credit cards for every financial requirement. Each feature, rates, and conditions are tailors made to suit the credit cardholders. The Credit Card Tools will help the applicant choose the correct credit card based on their preferred feature, intended usage, employment status, credit score, income, and more.


BMO Card Activate Features

Here are some of the famed BMO Credit Cards that are ravingly popular:

BMO Cashback MasterCard:

  • From grocery to bill payment, get cashback to all kinds of purchases made with the card.
  • 5% Introductory Cashback offer for the first three months from the activation on purchasing groceries.
  • Post three months, you will be eligible to earn a 3% Cashback for the same.
  • Get 1% Cashback for the recurring payments of bills.
  • On all other purchases, avail 5% Cashback.

Rates and Fees

  • The introductory interest rate of 99% on Balance Transfer for 9 months
  • Zero Annual Fees.
  • Cash Advances of 99%.
  • Purchases of 99%.


BMO World Elite MasterCard

  • The highest amount of redeeming and reward winning facilities.
  • Redeem points for traveling, shopping, gifting, or even withdrawal of cash!
  • Welcome, Bonus Points of 40,000 points.
  • $150 Annual Fee waived off completely for the first year of card activation.
  • On eligible travel, entertainment, or dining expenditure, get 3 points per $1 spent.
  • On every other purchase, collect 2 points as against $150.
  • Make transactions in Alamo Rent a Car and National Car Rental to earn
  • With Lounge Key, four annual complimentary passes, exclusive VIP access, and more with the complimentary membership of MasterCard Airport Experiences.
  • Medical Protection and Travel Insurance for up to 21 days.

Rates and Fees

  • Cash Advances of 99%.
  • Purchase Rate of 99%.
  • Annual Fees of $150.00.


Student BMO AIR MILES MasterCard

  • Designed exclusively for students, this card allows you to earn AIR MILES with every transaction and purchases of merchandise, travel, and many more.
  • As part of Welcome Offer, get 800 Bonus MILES.
  • For every $20 spent, get
  • On transaction at Shell, get 25x Miles.
  • From purchase via National and Almo Rent A Car, get a chance to earn 5x Miles.

Rates and Fees

  • Zero Annual Fees.
  • Cash Advances of 99%.
  • Purchase Rate of 99%.

And there are lots more and more credit cards to choose from. Visit www.bmo.com/ credit-cards to utilize the Credit card tools and pick up the best card as per your requirements and apply.


BMO Card Activate In Details

On a successful application, the physical card will be mailed to your billing address. As soon as you obtain the card, you need to activate it for further usage. You can either activate it online or through Phone. As per your convenience, you can initiate the activation. In both cases, keep the BMO Credit Card Information as well as Primary cardholder’s Identity (SSN/ITIN) in hand.

To activate your BMO Credit Card Online, please follow through these steps:


BMO Card Activate


  • Click on the Submit
  • Verify by entering the Full Name of the primary cardholders. Social Security Number, Credit Card CVV, and more as per the prompts.
  • Complete the activation process securely. You can start using your credit card immediately.

Those who wish to activate their BMO Credit card through phone must dial the Activation Phone Number printed at the back of the card. Each Credit Card type has a separate Activation Contact Number.  Follow the IVR instruction to input the verification details. Do not share PIN or Password. Your activation will be securely completed.


BMO Credit Card Online Banking Features

Post activation, sign up for BMO Credit card Online Banking to manage and keep track of your credit card usage. Secure your card by monitoring all the activities and taking the necessary steps. Online Banking gives you the autonomy to handle the following task:

  • Pick and customize reward programs as per the ongoing offers of your credit card.
  • Scrutinize your reward balance.
  • Keep a track of payment history and transactions.
  • Make a regular payment of your monthly bills.
  • Lock and unlock the card.
  • Report stolen or lost cards on an immediate basis.
  • Credit View gives you 24/7 updates on the Credit Score with zero impact.
  • Customize and change PIN, Password, or personal details.
  • Personalized money management tools with Financial Insights.

And lots more!


BMO Online Banking Registration

Avail everything via BMO Online Banking Portal and BMO Mobile Banking Mobile App (Android and iOS) anytime and anywhere. Here is how you can enroll. The enrolment process is exclusively variable on the Online Banking Portal. However, you can avail all other accessibilities from the app itself:

  • Open your browser and visit www.bmo.com
  • Click on Login at the extreme top right corner of the screen.
  • From the dropdown select Online Banking.
  • Beside BMO Credit Card Holders, tap on Register Online
  • Click on Next.
  • Enter the BMO Credit Card details:
  1. BMO Credit Card Number.
  2. Expiry Date.
  3. Credit Card Validation Number(3-digit number at the back of your card)
  • Click on Next.
  • Set up account Password as per the instructions.
  • Create Challenge Questions and Answers for account security.
  • Complete the account set up.


Logging into BMO Online Portal

Access your BMO Credit Card Online Banking by:

  • Open your browser and visit www.bmo.com > Login > Online Banking.
  • Enter Card Number below Sign in to Online Banking.
  • Tap on Remember My Card if you wish the browser to save your card details for the next login freeing you of repeat entering. Recommended skipping the step in a public computer for security reasons.
  • Type in the Password
  • Tap on Continue.

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Password Reset

In case, you forget your BMO Online Banking password, do not fret! Here is the secured way to reset password:

  • Open your browser and visit www.bmo.com > Login > Online Banking.
  • Click on Forgot your Password
  • Enter the Credit Card Number (16 digits) from the front portion.
  • Tap on


Customer Support


Dial 1-877-CALL-BMO for queries requests and complaints.




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