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by HalfMile September 11, 2020
Activate Discover Credit Card

Activate your Discover Credit Card online all by yourself. No need to run to the issuer. You just need to have the Discover Credit Card already approved and present in your hand. Some of the exclusive Discover Credit Cardsrequire you to register with the Discover Online Banking portal and proceed with the activation. This is to ensure better security and services. However, mid-range Discover Cards can be duly activated without having to enroll.


About Discover

Discover primarily offers a secured range of personal loans, credit cards, student loans, home loans, and online banking services. Discover Credit Cards are primarily issued in the United States. Each transaction on the card is processed via the Discover Network payment network. Discover is ranked as the fourth-largest credit card issuer and brand in the United States. It has more than 44 million cardholders in the country. Discover began its journey in the year 1985 and since then, never cease the amaze with its impeccable service.


Credit Cards and Features

Some of the famous Credit Cards of Discover are:

Discover IT® Cashback Credit Card

  • Earn cashback withevery purchase.
  • Purchase everyday items from grocery stores, gas stations, Amazon.com, restaurants, gas stations, or PayPal transactions and get 5% Cashback.
  • On all other purchases, get up to1% Cashback.
  • At the end of the year, opt for the dollar to dollar cashback match and earn 2X Cashback.
  • Redeem Cashback anytime for your cash back never expires.
  • Cashback can be redeemed as a reward bonus during checkout, a statement credit, or even deposit in the form cash directly to your bank account!

Rates and Fees

  • Get 0% Intro APR for the first 14 months on both balance transfer and purchases.
  • After that Standard Variable Purchase APR is 99%to 22.99%.
  • Future Balance Transfer will be 5% Fee.
  • Zero Annual Fees.


Discover IT® Miles Travel Credit Card

  • Every Miles earned will be matched automatically at the end of the first year. For instance, 35,000 Miles will be converted to 70,000 Miles which will be amounted to $700!
  • No limit to minimum spending to redeem Miles.
  • On every dollar spent, earn up to 5X Miles.
  • Miles never gets expired.
  • Redeem freely in the form of cash, account deposit, a statement credit, or paying with Miles at the time of checkout from ticketing, dining service, or merchants like Amazon.com and PayPal.
  • Miles will be active even if the account is closed.

Rates and Fees

  • Zero Annual Fees.
  • Get 0% Intro APR for the first 14 months on both balance transfer and purchases.
  • Future Balance Transfer will be 5% Fee.
  • After that Standard Variable Purchase APR is 99%to 22.99%.

Discover IT® Student Cash Back Credit Card

  • Designed exclusively for the students, you can earn cashback and rewards while building credit limits through careful usage.
  • On scoring GPA of 3.0 or higher get $20 statement credit for each school year up to 5 years.
  • Students can duly earn 5% cashback during school years from prominent sectors like Amazon.com, gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, PayPal payment, and more.
  • On other purchases, automatically earn 1% Cashback.
  • Get the opportunity to earnDouble Cashback points with Cashback Match.
  • Referral Reward Points.

Rates and Fees

  • No Annual Fees.
  • Enjoy 0% Intro APR for the first 6 months.
  • After that, a Standard Variable Purchase of 99% – 21.99%.
  • Zero Late Payment Fees on first late payment.

And there are more! Visit www.discover.com to check and apply for the best Discover Card for you.


Directly Activate Discover Credit Card

New owners of the Discover Card would find it easy to activate the credit card without any hassle. S discussed earlier, some cards can be directly activated, others need to be enrolled in Online Banking before activating. Both the methods are discussed here, step by step.

Those who are brand new Discover Credit Cardholders must activate the card by going through the below steps. Remember, if you wish to enroll for Online Banking, you need to register for it separately. Here is how:

  • Open your browser and visit www.discover.com
  • Under Secure Account Log In, click on Activate Credit Card.



Activate Discover Credit Card

  • Select Without Logging in option under How would you like to proceed


Discover Credit Card Activation

  • One by one, mention the following information about the primary cardholder:
  1. Date of Birth(mm-dd-yyyy)
  2. Social Security Number(last four digits)
  3. 16 digits Credit Card Number.
  4. Card Expiration Date.
  5. 3 Digit Sequence ID(back of the card)
  • Click on the Continue
  • Proceed to the successful activation.


Enroll and Activate Discover Credit Card

New customers are required to register with the Discover Online Banking Account. Only then, some of the cards can be activated for usage. This method is also applicable for the existing DiscoverCredit Card users who have recently requited for card replacement. For new customers, here is how to register for Online Banking in the first place:

  • Open your browser and visit www.discover.com
  • Select the Register Account
  • Select Register Now under Credit Cards.
  • Type in the asked data about the primary cardholder:
  1. 16-digit Card Number.
  2. Expiration Date(mm/yy)
  3. Date of Birth(mm-dd-yyyy)
  4. Last four digits of the Social Security Number.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Go through theinstructions to set up Account User ID and Password.
  • Create Security Questions and Answers.
  • Complete the account set up.

You are just a few steps towards activation. Successfully login through proper channel to directly activate the card:

  • Open your browser and visit www.discover.com
  • Tap on Activate Credit Card.
  • Under How would you like to proceed, click on Log In.
  • Type in the User ID
  • Enter the account Password.
  • Enter the 3- digit Sequence ID.
  • Tap on Continue.
  • Please select theregistered credit card with your account and Activate.

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Customer Support



Domestic- Dial 1-800-347-2683 or1-800-DISCOVEREnglish/Español.

International- Dial 1-801-902-3100 (English/Espanol)

TDD- Dial 1-800-347-7449.


Write at:

Discover Financial Services

P.O. Box 30943 Salt Lake City,

UT 84130-0943





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