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by HalfMile October 15, 2020
Sears MasterCard active

Sears MasterCard is easy to follow and easier to maintain.  Sears MasterCard Credit card is issued and managed by Citi Bank. No need to run to Sears store or take the assistance of Citi Bank. Customers can easily activate their Sears Credit Card online all by themselves. You need to have Sears MasterCard Credit Card already approved and sent to you. Then only you can initiate the activation process.

With activation, you will be able to use the card for both online and offline purchases. Besides, you can register for Sears MasterCard Online Access immediately. The Online Access is managed by the Online Banking portal of Citi Bank enabling you to manage the card conveniently.


About Sears

Sears, officially known as Sears, Roebuck, and Co, is a famed departmental store chain and e-commerce merchant. The retail company’s headquarter is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, U.S.A. As per 2018, Sears is the 31st largest retailer in the United States. The product specialization of Spears is famed for clothing, bedding, footwear, appliances, beauty, furniture, jewelry, tools, housewares, toys, and more. Its e-commerce division www.sears.com is making the quality appliances, fashion, and beauty products available at your doorstep at extremely reasonable rates.

Sears MasterCard Credit Card is just another way of Sears to reward its customers with perfect financing medium to make the shopping easier.


Sears Activate Card Features To Avail

On activating Sears MasterCard, get to enjoy the following benefits and features immediately:

  • On eligible purchases from the gas station, get 5% Cashback in points.
  • On eligible purchases from the grocery and restaurants, get 3% Cashback in points.
  • On eligible purchases from the Kmart and Sears, get 2% Cashback in points.
  • On eligible purchases from other merchants and brands, get 1% Cashback in points.
  • Collect all the points to redeem during the checkout from the online store or in-store and get amazing discounts.
  • Special financing on the selected home appliances on purchasing total $499 or more worth.

Rates and Fees

  • APR of purchase is 7.24% – 25.24%(variable) or 5.00% – 26.49%(non-variable)
  • The interest charged minimum amount is $2.

For more details regarding the terms and conditions, check www.sears.com


Sears Activate Card Online Step by Step

Here is how you can activate Sears MasterCard without any assistance:

  • Open your browser and visit www.citi.com
  • Tap on Sign-On at the top right portion.
  • Click on Activate a Card option under the Sign On

Sears MasterCard active

Enter the Sears MasterCard Credit Card Number printed on the front without any space or dash.

Ways Formulated By Sears Activate

Click on Continue.

  • On accessing the portal, enter the Primary Cardholder’s credentials as asked.
  • Citi Bank will streamline the entire process o activation and complete the setup.


Register for Online Banking

On card activation, it is recommended to enroll Sears MasterCard with the Citi Bank Online Banking access for card management.

  • Open your browser and visit www.citi.com
  • Select Sign-On at the top right portion.
  • Tap on Register for Online Access
  • Select the Credit/Debit Card Number.
  • Enter the Credit Card number accurately.
  • Tap on Continue Set Up.
  • Verify the Card Details further by confirming the Full Name of the primary cardholder.
  • One by one, enter the Security Code, Card Expiry Date, and more.
  • Finally, create a User ID and Password.
  • Complete the account set up.


Logging in to Sears Credit Card Online Access

On a successful account set up, you are now ready to access your Sears MasterCard account anytime and anywhere.

  • Open your browser and visit www.citi.com > Sign-On.
  • Enter the User ID.
  • Type in the Password.
  • You may tap on Remember my User ID enabling browser to auto-fill the User ID for your next login. Please avoid this step if you are accessing it from a public device.
  • Click on the Sign On


Retrieve User ID

To retrieve forgotten or misspelled User  ID, go through these steps:

  • Open your browser and visit www.citi.com > Sign-On.
  • Click on Forgot User ID
  • Select Bank and/or Credit Card Customers.
  • Type in the Credit Card Number.
  • Click on the Continue
  • Go through the commands to set up the new User ID as per the instructions.


Reset Password

To reset the account password, go through the following steps:

  • Open your browser and visit www.citi.com > Sign-On.
  • Click on Forgot Password
  • Pick up Bank and/or Credit Card Customers.
  • Enter the Credit Card Number from the front portion of the card.
  • Click on the Continue
  • Complete password reset steps after verifying your account.
  • After resetting, return to the login page and access using the newly set password.

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Customer Support


  • General Support: Dial 1-800-917-7700.
  • TDD/TTY: Dial 1-866-357-2484.
  • Technical Assistance: Dial 1-800-815-7701.
  • International(Outside U.S. Puerto Rico, Canada): Dial 1-800-437-3277



Write to:

General Inquiries

P.O. Box 6286

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6286



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